Vegan Eyelash Cleanser

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Keep Your Eyelashes Nourished & Clean

For every lash lover out there, our foam eyelash cleanser is a must-have for your aftercare routine. Our vegan foam cleanser is gentle on the skin, eye-safe, and powers through built-up dirt and makeup for a professional deep clean. Specially designed for eyelash extensions, our eyelash foam cleaner is designed to protect sensitive lash bonds, while naturally soothing and rejuvenating your eyes after every quick and easy clean. 

Always cruelty-free at Sexy Lifestyle, our vegan foam cleanser is an easy way to prevent a variety of eye conditions associated with poor lash extension care. Our foam eyelash cleanser helps to maintain a healthy PH balance, reduces dirt-filled oil and bacteria, and foams deep between the lashes and along the eyelid for a spa-like freshness that will leave the skin around your eyes soft and clear.  

What Can Our Vegan Foam Cleansers Do for Your Eyelashes?

  • Deep Clean
  • Nourish
  • Boosts Lash Health
  • & More 

Perfect for Home & Salon Use

Speaking of spa-like freshness, our foam eyelash cleanser is perfectly suited for professional eyelash artists or DIY style routines at home. Since we work directly with our trusted vegan foam cleanser manufacturers, you can count on us whenever you need fast shipping, consistent product quality, and always cruelty-free products backed by the friendliest eyelash specialists in the business.  

Our professional-grade foam eyelash cleanser is one of the easiest foam eyelash cleansers to use. Simply apply a small portion of the foaming cleanser onto the micro brush or a swab, close your eyes, and gently apply the cleanser along the lashes and eye line. After about a minute, rinse the entire area around your eyes with warm water. You can even use our powerful eyelash foam cleaner to remove makeup along the browline too!

We Support Budget-Conscious & Animal-Safe Eyecare!

For spa owners or at-home eyelash artists, our supportive online store makes it easy to respect your budget and maintain a fresh supply in your shop or at home! We have amazing wholesale deals, are always here to support your questions or order requests, and regularly run discounted specials on everything from vegan eyelash glue to stunning new lash sets. 

Along with the best deals in the eyelash industry, anytime you shop online at Sexy Lifestyle, we promise our customers: 

  • Every Product is Cruelty-Free: No Animal Testing or Natural Fur Use
  • Simple Ingredients & Trustworthy Product Sourcing
  • Helpful Service & Professional Style Guidance
  • Fast Shipping, Great Deals, & Only the Latest Styles

Contact Our Eyelash Professionals Anytime

Excited to try our eyelash foam cleaner in the spa or at home? We do our best to pair our clients with the perfect products for their needs, and if you ever have any questions about our eye-safe ingredients, want to learn more about our discounted wholesale deals, or need assistance with an order, our eyelash professionals are here to help. 

Why You Need A Foam Eyelash Cleanser

If you love the look of luxurious, featherly eyelash extensions and use them regularly, it’s important to invest in a gentle, vegan foam cleanser to keep your natural lashes healthy. Without proper care for your natural lashes, your lash extensions will struggle to stay where you put them and could threaten the health of your lashes. A foam eyelash cleanser ensures all the dirt, oils, and makeup is removed from the area while keeping your lashes looking their best. Additionally, our vegan foam cleanser ensures that the ultra-sensitive bonding of your lash extensions is protected so your lashes stay looking as good as the day you got them.

To keep them looking fresh and beautiful for longer, cleanse your lash extensions with our foam eyelash cleanser at least twice per week. Our easy-to-use, cruelty-free formula is perfect for a quick clean up after a sweaty workout or to integrate into your daily skincare routine. Our foam eyelash cleanser ensures that beneath your extensions, your natural eyelashes are clean, sanitized, and looking fresh day in and day out.

With the regular use of our foam eyelash cleanser, maintaining the health of your lashes has never been easier. Our cruelty-free formula is as gentle on the planet as it is on your eyes, making our eyelash foam cleaner the answer you’ve been waiting for!

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