6D Vegan Eyelashes

Cruelty Free, Vegan Products. Look Good for the Cause!

Voluminous & Affordable Lashes

Make a statement with our bold, beautiful, and stunning 6D vegan lashes! Our most dramatic eyelashes yet, these sets are great for special occasions, classy nights on the town, or for an eye-catching update to your daily style routine. We love dramatic eyelash styles at Sexy Lifestyle, and like any of the best sets we have online, our 6D vegan lashes are backed by 100% animal-safe practices, quality-controlled production, and our experienced eyelash professionals that will go above and beyond to help you perfect the look.
Our lightweight 6D vegan eyelashes are built to last, are easy to clean, and represent our cruelty-free and sustainable product values. We never use natural furs or animal testing in the development of our 6D vegan lashes. Every set of animal-safe lashes feature boosted volume, resilient curves, and are naturally infused with airy softness for all-day comfort and eye-catching sex appeal. Our 6D vegan lashes are the perfect finishing touch to any beauty routine!

To add some drama to your look, our wholesale 6D lashes are exactly what you’ve been looking for. These dramatic eyelashes open up the appearance of your natural eyes, giving you a soft, doe-like look that you’ll absolutely love. Our selection of 6D vegan lashes range from dainty and bubbly to downright seductive, so you can be sure there’s a dramatic lash set in our collection that will help you achieve whatever look you’re after.

Why Wear 6D Lashes?

  • Gives You A Full, Voluminous Set of Lashes
  • Softer & Fluffier Finish
  • Multi-Dimensional Look
  • Cause Less Damage To Lashes
  • Non-Irritating
  • Lightweight

Purchase 6D Vegan Lashes in Bulk or Individually

Need a beautiful supply of dramatic eyelashes for your spa? We work with our clients on a personal basis to ensure that they have exactly what they need to stay ahead of the fashion trend and keep their customers happy. Product quality and consistency are a top priority at Sexy Lifestyle, and with every wholesale 6D lashes online order, you’ll never have to worry about poorly made products, uneven lash distribution, or order inaccuracy. 

With our direct supplier relationships, our wholesale 6D vegan lashes are the best solution for streamlined inventory management and budget-friendly business purchases. We can supply as many wholesale 6D lashes as you will ever need, and back every order with reliable lash support if you ever need to make an order adjustment or have any questions. With every wholesale 6D vegan lash order, you can always expect:

  • Fast Shipping
  • Affordable Bulk Discounts
  • Regularly Updated Styles
  • Reliable Quality & Consistency
  • & More…

Try Our 6D Lashes at Home! 

Want to experience the professional lash extension experience at home? Even if you only purchase a single set of our 6D vegan eyelashes, you can count on our professional designs to last longer with enhanced curve retention, durable fiber mounting, and benefit from lashes that stay where they should with our professional-grade vegan lash glue that’s safe for sensitive skin and eyes.

Dramatic, Voluminous, & Affordable Lashes

Every time you buy a set of 6D vegan eyelashes from our animal-safe shop, you’re helping us revolutionize the beauty industry. With Sexy Lifestyle, you never have to compromise on your dramatic eyelashes while protecting innocent animals and making the world a better place with every order!