Look Good. For the Cause. Sexy M.F. Lifestyle is an all-inclusive and vegan lifestyle brand, beauty & fashion, gourmet foods & beverages, fitness & wellness and local travel & adventure, a company that embraces and celebrates everyone’s uniqueness. The brand was born in April 2020.

You are a sexy, seductive, and beautiful goddess, and we bring you cruelty-free and 6D vegan lashes that will only enhance that.

A mother who is a chef, a fitness enthusiast, and an entrepreneur, who studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia & Drexel University for undergraduate and graduate studies. She is an entrepreneur with immense success and a small business owner for the last 18 years. Jay is her daughter and is on trend with all things style and beauty. Apart from being the face of the brand, she is currently pursuing her studies in psychology and brings her extensive experience in management, merchandising, and marketing to the business.


Unique, Sexy, Bodacious, and Hypnotic

Sexy M.F. Lifestyle’s leadership brings together the best of fashion and environmentally-friendly cosmetics practices to bring you seductive, cruelty-free, and 6D vegan lashes that will inspire you to Look Good. For The Cause.

At Sexy M. F. Lifestyle, we want to inspire our customers to embrace their inner goddesses. These unique, sexy, bodacious, sassy, and seductive lashes designed to bring out the best in you.

Vegan eyelashes have never been better than the natural, wispy, feathery, luxurious, and dainty lashes at Sexy M. F. Lifestyle.


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No Animal Testing | Cruelty Free | Vegan Product

Being a family-owned business, Sexy M.F. Lifestyle is dedicated to ensuring that you can completely embrace your stunning selves without compromising on important values. We are a completely vegan and cruelty-free brand. This means that none of our products goes through any animal testing or contains animal-derived ingredients. You get the wispy and feathery brilliance of actual mink lashes in a cruelty-free range of false lashes that will hypnotize your man and leave him wanting more as you smize your way through life.

look good, for the cause