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100% Vegan Lashes

You are a sexy, seductive, and beautiful goddess, and we bring you cruelty-free and 6D vegan lashes that will only enhance that.

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Cruelty Free
6D Vegan Lashes

Vegan eyelashes have never been better than the natural, wispy, feathery, luxurious, and dainty lashes at Sexy M.F. Lifestyle.

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Sunshine Lashes

Vegan eyelashes have never been better than the natural, wispy, feathery, luxurious, and dainty lashes at Sexy M.F. Lifestyle.

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Look good. For the cause.

Luxury Vegan Lashes

Enhance your lashes with the natural look that comes with our 100% vegan and cruelty-free lashes!
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Ethical & Cruelty-Free Eyelashes & Eyelash Products

Looking for beautiful, lightweight, and durable vegan lashes to complete the look? We never compromise on the latest styles while fighting to reduce animal cruelty and preserve our planet with eco-friendly practices! With our cruelty-free lashes, lash line products, and vegan eyelash extensions, every product is sustainably sourced, animal-friendly, and backed by our expert lash team that’s always here to help you perfect the look.

The perfect and guilt-free solution to enhanced lashes that bring out your inner Sexy M.F.!

Are you tired of looking for quality lashes that don’t cost a fortune? The comprehensive collection of cruelty-free and 100% vegan lashes at Sexy M.F. will help you show the world the goddess that you are by reflecting your subtle, seductive, and sexy side every time. No more guilt about using environmentally harmful products! With our line of 100% vegan lashes, you won’t only look good, you’ll also be making a difference. Enjoy looking like the goddess that you are while playing your part in minimizing your carbon footprint to preserve our beloved planet with Sexy M.F. Lifestyle! 

A Family Owned Business

About Sexy M.F. Lifestyle

Sexy M.F. Lifestyle is an all-inclusive and vegan lifestyle brand that embraces and celebrates everyone’s uniqueness. You are a sexy, seductive, and beautiful goddess, and our cruelty-free, 6D vegan eyelashes will prove that. Sexy M.F. is a black-owned family business. The mother-daughter duo that runs it brings you the best of ethically sourced and incredibly sexy lifestyle products through their collection.

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Inspire temptation and bring out your inner beauty with our exquisite Sunshine lashes.
Sunshine (BBW & Bubbly)

100% Vegan Products

Latest Products

Browse through our collection of cruelty-free and vegan lashes, tailor-made to display the goddess that you are.

Why Choose Cruelty-Free Lashes?

Every set of cruelty-free lashes you buy supports our mission to prevent the mistreatment of minks. Fake eyelashes from the big-name brands claim that their mink lashes are cruelty-free, but any mink kept in captivity would disagree. These animals are social, active, and energetic; not designed to live in a cage away from their families and natural environments. Mink captivity often involves tight wire-cage enclosures, unsanitary conditions, and many minks are outright slaughtered to simplify the fur harvesting process. Together, we can reduce the demand for this natural fur, and after trying on a pair of our luxury vegan lashes, you’ll be glad you made the switch to our animal-friendly, ultra-soft, and luxurious false lashes!

Find a Style for Every Face, Feature & Lash Line

Our on-trend fake eyelash styles naturally complement unique eye shapes, diverse facial features, and seamlessly pair with your favorite lash line colors. Whether you’re going for bold and flashy, or classy and cute, we hope that our fake eyelashes make you feel as good as you look while we make a difference together.

Browse Our Fake Lash Options Today

Along with the highest-quality lash styles you’ll find at Sexy Lifestyle, we’re your go-to shop for the best wholesale eyelashes for luxury lash needs at home, spa, or boutique supplies, or for a trending night out on the town. Our accommodating wholesale eyelash shop scales with your false eyelash needs, and with a regularly updated selection of bold new styles to choose from, you can always count on our cruelty-free lash brands to support your versatile fashion needs.

Even if you’re new to the vegan lash scene, you’ll find everything you need to get started in our user-friendly vegan lashes shop. We have vegan lash glue that is easy to apply, fashionable fake eyelashes ranging from all-natural looks to exotic flair, and our curve-maintaining vegan eyelash extensions are light, soft, and durable enough for multiple days of eye-catching wear. 

Slim Thick & Seductive
Fallon Lashes
Attract your man’s desire and temptation by indulging yourself with our dollish and dainty Fallon Lashes.

We Sell A Variety of Products, Including:

  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Glue
  • & More

After you find a few luxury lash styles to complete your look, don’t forget to add some foam eyelash cleanser to your cart for lightweight lashes that remain brilliant and fresh! Our natural cleansers are safe on the skin, easily remove liner and dirt, and as always, only feature animal-safe products that you can feel confident in. 

We Feature the Top Wholesale Lash Brands

While our fake eyelashes are protecting the animals, we’re here to save you money too! Since we work directly with trustworthy vegan lashes manufacturers, all of the luxury lashes you’ll find at Sexy Lifestyle are backed by the lowest wholesale lash prices possible. We don’t think keeping up with the latest false lash styles should break the bank, and with our easy-to-apply styles, you can easily save money by self-adhering our fake lashes at home, or protect your bottom line with our affordable lash brands to supply your spa or boutique! When you partner with our responsive online store, you can count on the fastest fake eyelashes delivered whenever you need them. We know how important it is to keep our fashion-forward customers supplied on time, and with our helpful team and expansive selection of vegan lashes always available, we hope to become your single source for the highest-quality fake lashes and the best wholesale lash pricing anywhere online.
vegan eyelashes

We live & breathe the latest false eyelash fashion

Even though our luxury cruelty-free lashes are always animal-safe, staying ahead of the latest fashion trends is just as important to us. One of our favorite lash brand styles, our 6D vegan lashes, feature ultra-lush volume and clearly-defined lash lines for an alluring style that will make your eyes POP! If something contemporary or subtle is more your style, many of our vegan eyelashes feature discreet lash lines that bring out the best in your eyes for a look that is simple, elegant, and seductive.

We’re always on the lookout for the brightest and boldest false eyelashes, and actively keep up with the newest styles in the luxury vegan lashes scene. We’re happy to help you find a false eyelash look that naturally aligns with your preferred style, and will even walk you through the simple application process if you have never used false lash brands before!

Stay in Touch for False Eyelash Deals & More!

Connect with our helpful team to stay up to date with all things luxury lashes! We’re dedicated to sharing our animal-safe false eyelashes with the world, and hope that after trying our luxury cruelty-free lashes, you’ll be inspired to share our vegan eyelashes with everyone who cares about the planet, animals, and trending style!

Shop Stunning False Lashes for Every Occasion

Not even the best mascaras on the market can enhance your eyes and lash lines quite like false eyelashes. At Sexy MF Lifestyle, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect false eyelashes to bring out your inner beauty for every occasion. From wedding guest glam to a simple night out on the town, or if you just want to feel better about your lashes, our vegan eyelash extensions offer a quality that other lash brands simply can’t match. With proper care, our false eyelashes can be worn for up to 28 different sexy looks, giving you more value out of each pair.

Our catalog of luxury lashes includes a wide variety of fake lash styles that are uniquely beautiful, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan. This means you don’t have to feel guilty when you want to enhance your look with a set of seductive fake eyelashes. Luxury vegan eyelashes are a way to bring the pillars of veganism and environmentally-friendly living into your beauty routine! Most ingredients and materials used by other lash brands are unfamiliar to the general public. You have fewer chances of skin irritation when you use vegan wholesale eyelashes, making our fake eyelashes perfect for those with sensitive skin. Vegan fake eyelashes give your skin a break it needs while enhancing your lash lines. Our cruelty-free lashes substitute artificial chemicals and animal products with bamboo fibers to bring you fake eyelashes that feel comfortable and that you can feel good about.

Looking and feeling sexy doesn’t have to come at a cost. When you choose to shop our vegan eyelashes, you can feel good about your impact on the planet and its animals. Switching to vegan wholesale lashes helps eliminate the guilt of using products that harm the environment. Our fake eyelashes do what other lash brands can’t: provide you with endless options for your preferred look, from natural looking fake lash styles for everyday wear to fluffy, bold styles for a more dramatic look. No matter which of our cruelty-free lashes you choose, we know you’ll find the perfect set while guaranteeing a positive impact on the planet.

Sexy MF Lifestyle believes in being kind to the environment while crafting gorgeous, feathery vegan lashes that embrace and celebrate everybody’s uniqueness. As a family-owned business, we guarantee that our luxury vegan lashes are made with the best ethically sourced ingredients and processes. Browse our selection of featured false lashes today!